Is The Big Lie Merely a Symptom, or an Illness? Is it a “Cannot Be Helped” process?

As we watch the political silly season unfold before us, with each Republican trying to outdo the competition, each one winning primaries or caucuses, it becomes clear to us that some very serious problems exist in the Right Wing Theme Park.

Each of the Right Wingers is trying to convince the Republican voter base that he is more conservative — or further to the right — than the others. Of course, that means that each of them takes the lead, in percentage points, for a few days, the GOP voters grow tired of that one, so another takes the lead.

The Supreme Court, in their finite wisdom, has given each of the GOP Pretenders the ability to outspend his competition through not just deep, but virtually bottomless, pockets from their contributors. This means the attack ads will only intensify as the election draws ever closer. Even though yet another Justice was robbed — in his own home in the Caribbean — the thieves only took valuables; apparently there was not enough common sense attributed in this Justice of the US Supreme Court. But I digress “

The philosophical question arising from these riders from the Clown Car of the GOP and Right Wing is simple. If the Tea Party people are so upset that the Federal Government provides financial help to people through Medicare, Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC, and the rest of the Federal subsidies, why don’t they simply go to their closest Federal Office Building, and remove their name from the list; stop receiving all Federal aid?

Seriously, if they are so upset that the government provides its citizens so much financial help, and they are so convinced that this assistance is draining the Federal Treasury, it is incumbent upon each of them to go to their local office and ask to have their name removed from the list of those receiving assistance.

No, we are not suggesting that they refund to the Federal Government the money they have already received over the years, although if they really feel it necessary, we welcome their return of those Federal funds.

Still trying to answer the question posed in the title, above, is a most difficult endeavor. Akin to “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” The question is simple: “Which came first, being a Republican Politician, or being a pathological liar?” As we watch Bill Maher’s shows, Fridays on HBO, we are constantly reminded of how the Republicans represent themselves and their party: They continuously speak loud and fast, so no one can get a word in edgewise. When the other panel members actually do get to speak, the Right Wingers respond with an incessant stream of lies and misdirection. Once again, their tactic seems to be nothing more than saying it loud enough and often enough, such that viewers are supposed to believe their lies.

Bill Maher has started using a novel tactic. He has the facts, the truth, already printed out and on his desk, so that when the Right Wingers start spewing forth their lies, he can hold up the papers and show them the truth. The down side of showing the truth is that the Right Wingers simply start shouting their lies louder, and faster, to try to keep the truth out of the equation. Lately, even that is no longer working.

Unfortunately for the GOP, lately the Republican voters — not the politicians — have begun to see through the lies, misdirection, and invective, such that they are no longer automatically voting Republican. A very simple reason has replaced their sheep-like behavior: they can actually see how the Right is concerned only with power and blocking everything Obama tries to do. Much of what Obama wants to do is actually good for the country and the people, no matter what party their affiliation — which includes Republican voters.

So the Right, the GOP, is losing voters in droves this year, and they still have not figured it out. Let us hope they do not figure it out until it is way too late.

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