Now Begins The Silly Season!

Karl Rove is an example of the Republican Right-wing approach of using Big Lies to achieve their goals. Those goals are to misinform, terrify, misdirect, and outright lie to the American people.

The louder and longer the lie campaign, the more people will start to believe the lies.

The Republican Prime Directive is to oppose anything the Democrats, especially President Obama, may propose, even if will help the people of the USA.

Rove couldn’t care less if he hurts the Middle class – what’s left of it – or others, so long as he can make enough noise to drown out the truth.

These people are unbelievably stupid, as they have not counted upon the transparency, which has begun early in this election cycle.
All people, including and especially Republicans, have begun to see the Republicans and the Right wing, as they trot out their bigotry and hatred for all to see. Their only cause during the Obama presidency has been to block Obama’s every effort to help the American People.
They blame the Democrats for the economic meltdown, trying to convince the population that Obama caused it, which would be a neat trick, considering that it started years before Obama ran for the Presidency. It began while George “W” Bush was still in his second (stolen) term as president.

But the Republican people, unlike their politicians, have begun to see clearly enough, to understand that their party leaders and their elected officials have lied to them repeatedly, just to oppose the President.
The Republican Party Leaders even use bigotry and racism to oppose our President, and most Americans are definitely against that tactic.

Adding insult to injury, the Evangelicals have come to realize that the only reason Republicans had courted their votes, was to help them be elected. However, once in office, the Republicans have consistently thrown the Evangelicals under the bus, and forgotten the promises they made to that religious group.

Good luck in this election, Republicans. Nobody, not one person, trusts your party any more. You are circling the drain now, and will be gone into the sewers, where you belong, by Election Day.

Look at Newt Gingrich. When asked about his sexual proclivities by a debate moderator, he went postal, blaming the whole questioning process on the Democrats and the Media, and avoiding even a hint of a response, honest or not.

The truth is simple – Newt is on his third wife, both literally and figuratively, and his second wife has told all, especially the news media, that Newt wanted to have an open marriage, as in having more than one female partner at a time. He is not even the Mormon in this group!

So, much like a clown car in a circus, the Republicans kept pouring out of their little car and into the debate studios. But each time, there were fewer than the last time. And like a pack of clowns, they are fighting amongst themselves, rather than figuring out how to oppose Obama, with ideas to fix the country’s problems. And the reason for that is simple – they cannot oppose Obama when the whole country knows that they have stood in Obama’s way, and blocked everything the President tried to do, to help the American people.

So the question becomes simple: help the country, or help the Republican Party’s leaders.

There are more Republican voters than Republicans in Congress or in the Senate. Even better – there are 50 million people over the age of 50, members of AARP, all of whom are poised to vote against the Republican Party, because that party is trying to take their Social Security and Medicare away from them. And that is unacceptable!

But wait … there’s more

These Republicans running for the Presidency are amazingly fraudulent in their approach. They are trying to show you that they are running against President Obama, but the Obama they paint for you to dislike is an imaginary Obama. They have conjured up an Obama which does not exist, and never did; one which has not done a single thing of which the Republicans have accused him. Their Obama is their Imaginary Opponent. Like a three year old child, with an imaginary friend.

Because the Republicans are such masters of the Big Lie (yes, I have indeed written about the Big Lie before), they are using it again in this election season. They are accusing Obama of things Bush did years before Obama took office; accusing Obama of having supported or proposed laws that Bush put in place and Obama has been trying to do away with. An example is deregulation of the Banks and Wall Street. Obama wants to place regulations on these institutions, such that they cannot ever again bankrupt this country, or put so many people in jeopardy of losing their homes, of not having enough to eat, or clothes to wear, or schools for their children to attend. It was Bush’s deregulation of the Banks and Brokerages that pushed the USA to the very edge, economically. And it was Bush and his choices for the Supreme Court – choices of people who are not even close to being people of honesty and integrity – who passed laws allowing corporations to become “people” and donate enormous amounts of money to their favorite candidate for office.

Rather than have corporations pay their fair share of taxes, the Supreme Court has allowed corporations to pretty much buy their own government representatives, with the institution of the Super PAC. They have given new meaning to the saying, “the best government money can buy!”

And again, it started during the “W” Bush administration, long before President Obama started running for the office of President.


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  1. 1alexh1 says:

    You can find more from this writer by visiting Op Ed News, at on the Internet, and looking for articles by Alex Howard or Hash Howard.
    It is his attempt to counter the misinformation put forth by the Republicans – that group of candidates that emerges from a clown car to debate each other, and blame President Obama for things that started during the George W Bush administration.
    He hopes you enjoy this and his other articles.

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